Phoenix Capital Group
Load Board

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Phoenix Capital Group is now offering load board services to all existing PCG clients. PCG is determined to help truckers find high paying freight quickly and with no cost to PCG clients by providing . The load board extension to the PCG website is the the ultimate truck load board search for independent truckers and fleets.

There are ample amounts of available loads posted by truck load carriers, freight brokers and direct shippersdaily. PCG’s load board is constantly being update to help clients find the most recent loads available.

Whether you’re a new trucker or an experienced trucker, PCG’s load board will help you find loads quickly and effectively.

Other Services We Offer:

Freight Factoring
Phoenix Capital Group has partnered with independent truckers and trucking companies of all sizes to help simplify and strengthen their trucking operations. Truckers shouldn’t have to wait 30 to 90 days before receiving invoice payment for loads hauled. PCG purchases our clients invoices quickly and gives them same-day funding.

Equipment Financing
PCG offers financing with low down payments along with flexible payment schedules to existing factoring clients. There’s no need to worry about bad credit or bankruptcies because PCG does not require credit checks. We provide equipment financing flexibility that many businesses need, whether you’ve hit hard times or you are creating a long-term financial roadmap, we are here to help.

Fuel Card Program
Our fuel card program helps transportation companies save thousands of dollars a year. Unlike most fuel card programs, PCG gives you the ability to use your fuel card almost anywhere. With our fuel card program, you receive universal aceptance at all major truck stops, along with many independent truck stops.